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Yuriko Nakamura
Yuriko Nakamura - A Japanese Pianist and Composer -

Yuriko Nakamura was born in Yokohama. Due to the influence of her father, a painter, Ms. Nakamura was fond of painting in her childhood. Inspired by the sound of raindrops and picture books, she started composing music. She won a musical composition contest sponsored by Yokohama city at the age of thirteen.

Ms. Nakamura graduated in the College of Music from Ferris University. After having a number of musical activities, she had her first album with CBS Sony in 1987. The album, 'Wind and Reflections', which hit the best-seller charts, was a collection of her own compositions. She became a popular composer in the modern times, so-called 'New Age Music'.

Later, her works were used in popular films such as 'Summer Vacation 1999' and mini movies such as 'Shiki no Oka' (The Hill of Four Seasons) by Shinzo Maeda, a photographer. This made her reputation in collaborating of images and music soar. She also produced commercials, animations, dramas and jingles such as Tokyo FM's program, 'Jet Stream'.

Her CDs were also released abroad - Hong Kong, Venezuela, France and used in various projects. In 2000, Ms. Nakamura had a debut in Korea, where within only five years, thirteen albums were released and were successful in captivating various media.

In November 2001, Japan and Korea collaborated to produce the album 'Solo Best', which was released simultaneously in both countries. Additionally, Ms. Nakamura had a concert at Seoul Arts Center in Seoul in April 2002, which was broadcasted on EBS(Educational Broadcasting System)in Korea.

The second concert was held in August 2003 at 'Hoam Art Hall', which was packed with more fans than in the first one, established her reputation in Korea. In September 2004, her participation of a festival in 'Heyri' made her the first Japanese artist to perform in that cultural complex.

Ms. Nakamura has been engaged in producing theme tunes of Korean dramas since the fall of 2004. She was the first Japanese musician who exclusively produced the theme tunes of popular Korean TV dramas, 'Sorry I Love You'(KBS) and 'Spring Days'(SBS). Also, her original works including 'Be Strong, Geum-Soon!'(MBC)and 'Kawaii Anata'(Dear Heart)(KBS) were used as theme tunes of popular TV dramas. 'LONG LONG AGO' was used in 'The Next'(MBC) as the main theme song. She was the second Japanese composer whose work was appointed as a main theme song of a TV drama in Korea.

Ms. Nakamura gains popularity among Korean listeners, as "Her works appeals to the emotions of Koreans". Through interacting with fans or appearing on popular music programs on TV, the number of her fans in Korea has been steadily increasing.

Ms. Nakamura has released more than thirty albums including fifteen original albums, sound tracks and collaborated albums with Acoustic Cafe(Japanese music group) and Norihiro Tsuru(Japanese musician). 'In Concert', her first album recorded from her 10th year anniversary concert was released in 1997, and "Melodious Life", a CD-BOOK which consisted of CD, her own essays and landscape pictures taken by herself was also released in celebration of her 15th year anniversary in 2002. They were both released from her own label.

In 2003, Ms. Nakamura joined other famous Japanese pianists in a concert in a compiled album, called '10 PIANIST'. This gained a very good reputation and she attended their 2nd project from 2005 to 2006. Also, she will have her 18th annual concert in Tokyo this year, 'Piano Fantasy'. In all of her concerts including 'Piano Fantasy', a special corner, 'Image Request', is set up, where she spontaneously plays anything based on some images that her audience requests. This corner had a good reputation, and was highly praised in her concerts in Seoul.

Additionally, Ms. Nakamura and Norihiro Tsuru collaborated to produce the theme tune of 'Hoshi wo Katta Hi'('The Day Bought a Star'), an original animated film short played in 'Ghibli Museum, Mitaka' from January 2006 directed by Hayao Miyazaki. That has also a favorable reception.

The quality of musical compositions is especially received high acclaim. With extraordinary melody sense and first-rate piano-touch, Ms. Nakamura expands her musical activities.

(As of February, 2006)
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